The density of EPS sandwich panels may vary from 15kg/cum to 90 kg/cum. Depending on the clients requirement. The technical features of various EPS sheets are given below:


It’s no matter how warm the outside weather is, you can feel the cool weather inside your room which was simply impossible without EPS sheets. The high density(25 kg/cum) Advanced EPS sheets can be used to insulate the roof so that, no one underneath the roof will have to face the warm weather anymore it makes no difference between the top floor and the first floor anymore in terms of heat.


Just as heat flow and moisture have a hard time penetrating EPS walls and floors, so, too, does sound. The structural properties of EPS are better at deadening sound than most other construction materials. That makes EPS an ideal material for use in apartments, condos and office buildings.


The strength and flexibility of EPS insulation board allows for the reasonable absorption of building movement without transferring that stress to the outer walls at the joints. For use in roofs, EPS is strong enough to withstand normal foot traffic and moderately heavy equipment.

EPS is also 100% recyclable and is an inert, organic material made from petroleum and natural-gas byproducts. Like other building materials, EPS is combustible, but all EPS products are treated with a flame retardant. To further ensure against fire damage, EPS insulation should be covered with a thermal barrier and kept away from flame or other ignition sources.

Lab testing facilities:

  • Density measurement scale during pre-expanding for every batch.
  • Auto clave measured by graphical presentation.
  • Super sensitive weigh scale for measuring weight of every block/pcs.
  • Every consignments of the PPGI coils are being tested and submitted by the manufacturer from Korea.

Number of Quality controller      2 (1 B.Sc Engr & 1 Diploma)