Given the utmost priority to the quality control, Advanced RMC has a fully equipped concrete laboratory facility with fully calibrated equipment and experienced and trained technicians, engineers, corporate support staff, capable to perform the necessary comprehensive tests of concrete, aggregate, cement etc. in a credible manner. Trial mix is also conducted in the laboratory to ensure best performance and quality.


Advanced RMC exists to respond to our customers needs for concrete products that are easily placed and perform according to your expectations. We employ quality personnel who have the education, training, and experience to provide you the expertise necessary for your concrete questions and needs.

*    Mix design development and samples when needed
*    On-site concrete testing
*    Technical support before and after concrete   placement
*    Monitoring of concrete placement and quality
*    Performing trial mixes for colored concrete projects
*    Evaluating and recommending solutions to concrete problems

Our high-strength and performance concrete are designed to help improve strength and durability, make ease placement and finishing, provide dependable initial set times, as well as reducing your costs. Each of our Quality Assurance representatives are experienced and certified. We provide only the best.

The existing strength’s provided by Advanced RMC Laboratory are as Follows:

•    From 2500 PSI to 5500 PSI RMC of 28 days strength (Both for PCC & OPC Cement).
•    From 2500 PSI to 5500 PSI RMC  of 45 days strength (Both for PCC & OPC Cement).
•    From 2500 PSI to 4500 PSI RMC of 14 days Strength (for OPC Cement).



Review and monitoring process has occupied a special place in the production of RMC. Findings, observations and appropriate recommendations are incorporated on regular basis to uphold the consistency of strength and quality as a whole. And to ensure the process, regular training is being conducted for the Batching Plant Operations, Laboratory Engineers and technical staffs to keep them updated with modern production method and trial mix design of the ready mix concrete.

Training as part of continuous process of our RMC industry, from time to time, experts from United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Thailand and India have imparted trainings on operation & maintenance of the plant, trial mix design, different use of ready mix concrete, use of plasticizers in concrete, calibration, testing method and quality control as a whole. The trainings were imparted among others by globally acclaimed experts in the arena of ready mix concrete namely.

On  Trial Mix Design:

1)    Dr. A.K. Chatterjee        Pidilite Industries Ltd. Mumbai, India.
2)    Mr. J. Basu Ray        Constromat Consultancy & Services Pvt. Ltd., India.
3)    Dr. Zahida Banu        Constromat Consultancy & Services Pvt. Ltd., India.
4)    Mr. Berend Yan Bosch    Expert under PUM scheme, Netherland.

On Plant & Major Equipment & Machinery:

5)    Mr. Doug Florence        Abacus Electronics, U.K., representing Tiger Plant.
6)    Mr. David Bundy        JCB, Greenshields, United Kingdom.
7)    Mark Nicholson        JCB, Greenshields, United Kingdom.
8)    Montien Khamya        Liebherr, Service Engineer, Germany.
9)    Surad Hongjorn        Liebherr, Service Engineer, Thailand.
10)    Seksan Phansua        Liebherr, Service Engineer, Thailand.

On Admixtures:

10)    Dr. Kole            Pidilite Industries Ltd., Mumbai India.
11)    Engr. Kiron Sawant        Pidilite Industries Ltd., Mumbai India.
12)    Engr. Hujeifa Kanchwalla     Pidilite Industries Ltd., Mumbai India.
13)    Engr. Shamim Hossain          BASF Construction Chemical, India.