Advanced Group’s typical project management team consists of project Managers, project engineers and skilled supervisors who oversee the entire activities on site until the accomplishment of projects. This approach allows ADTL and its industrial concerns to provide clients with prompt, action oriented responses to your questions and concerns and make sure projects meets its scheduling and quality targets.

Project execution team is led by highly experienced engineers. The team acts as the expeditor of whole process of construction and ensures on schedule completion of projects and quality of materials.


Engineering & Construction :

Engineers at Advanced Group possess a very competent technical skills, yet be creative, bold and innovative for its enlightened and futuristic outlook. With years of accumulated experience at home and abroad, the engineers and planners have adopted an outward looking quality oriented construction strategy being driven by specialized engineering and management skills, perfect guidelines and thorough compliance with stipulated specification, yielding the highest possible quality in construction.

Architects & Designers having all round conception are well conversant with clients’ needs and aspirations. Structural designer ensure full compliance with Bangladesh National Building (BNBC) Code,  ACI Code, BS Code and earthquake resistance etc.

Customized Softwares are applied for structural and architectural designs to achieve highest accuracy. Advanced Group’s Engineering team is well equipped with latest computer aided solutions that produce instant updated records on areas of concern and advancement of projects as well. A flawless and formatted project schedule is well maintained by the engineering dept. to scan at a glance the whole activities under its lens.

Quality & Excellence

At Advanced Group, we create homes of true artistry and quality. The pleasure of living in Advanced Group’s apartments and its building products are better experienced than explained. ADTL’s valuable customers know this very well. We take every care to build your apartment. Our quality perception is above everything. Excellence in every sphere of construction is our motto. From basement to finishing we adhere to  the best standards. Our past achievements speak for our future performance.

Manpower- Sources and Capabilities

Advanced Group with its reputation as a reliable business house pay highest emphasis to customers’ desire and needs, has achieved through the hard work,  sincerity  and dedication of its work force. Instead of just stressing on good academic qualification  which is compulsory for the executive level employee,  Advanced Group recruits its  staff based on their intelligence, creativity and  innovation.

Organizational strength is the propeller of this success that enabled the group to reach to this position. On -job training in  Advanced group has been made an integral part to develop positive motivation of its employees enabling them to rendering services more effectively. Depth of human and financial resources is another key resources to group’s success.

Advanced Group works in a team context. In collaboration with an efficient and versatile engineering team for generating innovative ideas and developing quality products, the designers having all round conception are well conversant with clients’ needs and aspirations. The customer Service Dept. has earned the high commendation and satisfaction of all its valued clients and landowners.