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Success of a business does not depend on its potentials alone, but it depends on the quality of its platform and actual performance.

Noorani Tower

There is no denying the fact that Motijheel commercial area has turned into the old version of business hub with the migration of most of the major business houses towards Gulshan, Baridhara & Uttara, the prime locations of the capital city surrounded by the embassies, banks, business  centres, mobile telephone operators, export & buying houses and major International Organizations. There was a time when motijheel based businessmen had to spare their valuable times to execute many of their important activities in Gulshan. Those days are gone, now Mohakhali alongside Gulshan is getting momentum each day with the fast moving of major  business houses.

Keeping this in view, Advanced Development Technologies, in an attempt to create a new platform in the booming commercial hub of Mohakhali, is putting together “Advanced-Noorani Tower”, a unique and comprehensive commercial complex at 1 Mohakhali junction of Gulshan and Airport road fly-over point over the main artery of the capital city, encompassing all modern amenities that serves your purposes of  a  total business. The first of its kind in the country where a rare combination of manifold facilities for exclusive and lavish office block cum commercial complex have been assembled in one platform, not traditionally met by conventional commercial complex.


Practicality in conjuction with best  functional and aesthetic qualities, the contemporary designed Advanced Noorani Tower,  is conveniently and superbly located just at the entrance of newly emerged stunning commercial hub of Mohakhali, alongside Dhaka’s  prestigious business and diplomatic zone,  just 7 km from ZIA International Airport and 1 km from the major embassies and  foreign offices.  Walking distance from the major aristocratic shopping malls in posh Gulshan. Traffic jam free outbound road towards uttara and onwards. It promises tranquility, security and accessibility which would help  you  find a niche in your own track and lead towards the endless success.

Map Noorani Tower

Spread over a land parcel of 2 (two) bigha on the bank of main thoroughfare, this 18 storied commercial tower comprises commercial complex and elegant office space as well as three basement lavish car parking. Vehicular entry and exit are supported by a “service road” keeping free from traffic congestion right from the Gulshan-1 and Mohakhali on the other.

Each floor of this complex has carefully been considered to accommodate best designed space suitable for Banks, Financial institutions, leading conglomerates, telecom service providers, multi-national organizations, foreign missions, foreign aid bodies etc. The complex is equipped with full air conditioning facilities, Central fire detection and alarm system, Standby power generation units, state of the art security with burglary alarm system, Fire-escape in every wing, six best quality & high speed passenger lifts including 1 cargo lift with basement access.

14th--FLOORground--floor  ROOF 1st-floor second-floor 3rd-floor

Many more exciting amenities making the complex more functional in utility and services are, exceptionally designed structure with aesthitical perspective view hardly found in the country, modern reflective glassed facade with allocobond framing, lavish energy saving design for sufficient air venitilation and natural light, Modern and elegant floor and wall finish, solar  energy support in addition to standby generating sets, digital door lock ensuring extra security,  sufficient lavatory / washroom with modern fittings in each floor, Service room with hot & cold water, centrally  broadband internet provision, grandeur entry lounge with lavishly decorated concierge and security post at mezannine floors, extravagant greenery approach and widespread triple height access at random, provision of cellular frequency receiver system,, rooftop helipad with provision for landing, 24-hours office run facilities, Service facilities and accomplished community management services, smart common facilities for inmates / associates,  in-door support for entertainment and office accessories.

“A functional platform to perform total business”