EPS Sandwich panel production process adopts the colored steel plate as surface board & the core material is the self-extinguishing closed cell polystyrene foams. It is a kind of high strength composited building materials & it is formed in the automated continuous molding machine by combining the pressed colored steel with the high strength adhesives. It has the characteristics of complete insulation as well as fire-proof, fast construction speed, durability & beautiful appearance etc.


We have our own automated cutting machine in order to shape it to precise dimensions as per our valuable consumer’s requirement. Our skilled cutting team complies of 3 people. The machine is capable of cutting 3000 cft of EPS Sheets per hour.


The feeding line makes the EPS sheets to feed up to accurate way according to the alignments. It is an automatic system which feeds the EPS sheets in between of two Pre painted Galvanized Iron sheets.


The production line comprises of two coil loader. One is for the top surface and another one is for the bottom surface. Both the coil feeder is of same speed.


After the feeding of EPS Sheets and coils, the main part starts i.e through the process of hydraulic press for about a minute or less, the sandwich panels are ready to cut according to the desired length of our valued clients.









The whole process are being done and monitored with PLC controlled system and under the supervision of a number of skilled technicals.



Highlights of Facilities available at Advanced Technology & Ideas Plant at a Glance

 Total land area :   15 bigha
 Number of Production Line :  1 Nos( 6m2/Min, Origin: ILL Kwang,Korea)
 Number of coil feeder :   2 Nos (each having a capacity of 4 Ton)
 Number of Edge feeder :  1 Nos( Origin:ILL Kwang,Korea)
 Number of cutting machine (Automatic):    1 Nos( Origin: HIRSCH Italia)
 Number of adhesive feeder :       2 Nos (Origin: ILL Kwang,Korea)
 Number of plant operator :   6 B.Sc Engineers.
 Number of plant assistant :  3 (skilled)
 Number of plant helper :  1 (skilled)
 Number of fork lift :   1 (Sumito, Japan)
 Number of packing asst. :  6 (Skilled)
 Number of loading vehicles :      by rental trucks & 2 own Pickups


Lab testing facilities:

  • Density measuremnt scale during pre-expanding for every batch.
  • Auto clave measured by graphical presentation.
  • Super sensitive weigh scale for measuring weight of every block/pcs.
  • Every congignment of the PPGI coils are beign tested and submitted by the manufacturer from Korea.


Number of Quality controler    :             2 (1 B.Sc Engr & 1 Diploma)

Maintenance Team:

  • 1 electro-mechanical supervisor.
  • 2 mechanic.
  • 1 assistant mechanic.
  • 1 welder.
  • 1 Vulcan.


 Generator : Two generators each are having a capacity of 300 Kva.
 Total number of manpower : 30 (Accounts + Admin +Lab + Maintenance + logistic + Mkt)