Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is one of the lightest packaging materials in existence, yet its superior strength provides for exceptional compressive value. For the first time in Bangladesh, we provide outstanding packaging products and services to industries as diverse as consumer electronics, electronic components, cosmetics, furniture, medical products and telecommunications among others.

Frozen fish boxes:

Advanced EPS Technologies offers various kinds of fish boxes for reserving or exporting live or frozen fishes within the domestic territory or beyond the border. Out fish boxes are of international standard for reserving fishes up to 48 hours and more. Currently we are offering three different fish boxes of different dimensions. But we can manufacture up to any dimension according to the consumers need.

Consumer electronics Packaging:
Advanced EPS Technologies offers various ranges of Television foams and other electronic foams for all kinds of Television models and other consumer electronic products. We can manufacture up to any dimension according to the customers need and our specialized technical team can produce the design for any shapes if needed.
We are also able to manufacture the molds for almost all kinds of television models. We are the first ever company in the foam industry who can manufacture the molds by our self.
EPS can be used for almost all kinds of packaging starting from Bulb to Batteries of different size and shapes. Advanced EPS Technologies can manufacture almost all kind of shapes.
In addition, all sorts of brittle products can be packed with EPS sheets. We have our experience technical team to design the appropriate shape of packages for your products and according to your need.