We started our journey with a mission to build beautiful homes and manufacture quality building products combining practicality with functional and  aesthetic qualities keeping in mind the changes in tastes and needs of modern lifestyles and our vision is to play a pivotal role to help resolve the housing problem thereby improving the quality of life of the people of Bangladesh though introducing innovative entrepreneurial approaches and ultimately become the market leader.

Since its inception, we nourished the spirit “the clients’ are always on top of priorities”. Advanced Group is powered by a dynamic and aggressive workforce comprising qualified Engineers, Architects, Accountants, project managers, Marketing & customer service team is always set to offer their best possible services to clients to meet their needs and tastes. And every department is led by high-ups is assigned to discharge their concern responsibilities through maintaining due coordination among them. At Advanced Group, we work in a team context supported by the latest software. we always try our best to provide the clients the consistent feedback against their queries.

Advanced Group has set up an efficient engineering team for generating innovative ideas and developing quality products. Our Customer Service Department has earned the confidence and trust of our valued clients and landowners by dint of offering excellent services and caring etiquette. Our Accounts & Finance Dept. is full updated with latest data while procurement & QC dept. ensures best quality construction material and project engineers oversee the prescribed construction of the project. We always prefer professionalism to profit.

Utmost priority is given to ensure quality of building materials and finishing products to have the longest durability as well as customers ultimate satisfaction. Its goal is to achieve business excellence through quality.

We create homes of true artistry and quality. The pleasure of living in Advanced Group’s flats is better experienced than explained. Advanced Group’s valuable customers recognize this very well. Our quality perception is above everything. So excellence in every sphere of construction is our motto. Our past achievements speak for our future performance.

We  have so far officiated above 130 projects comprising exclusive luxury apartment complexes, multi-storied and high rise commercial cum residential complexes, Satellite township, offering wide range of sizes and options keeping pace with modern tastes. Of them, 115 projects have already been accomplished and handed over in the nick of time while a modern satellite township is under way.

Diversity, vitality and excellence-the qualities are Group’s strength which has lifted its success to a greater height. In every phases of its projects, right from the location choosing, design to construction, there lies the sign of expertise and professional dexterity.

Organizational strength is the propeller of our success that enabled Advanced Group to reach to this position. Customized training in  Advanced Group  has been made an integral part to develop positive motivation of its employees. Depth of human and financial resources is another key resources to Advanced Group’s success.

In the wake of growing demand of quality ready-mix concrete in the country, we started operating 3 units of most modern Ready mix Concrete Batching Plant at Ashulia, Dhaka, equipped with latest concreting technology from United Kingdom & Germany with capacity to produce 120cum per hour of ready mix maintaining the highest standard in terms of quality. It has now added two (2) more units with capacity to produce 150 cum per hour to cope with the existing demand in the market.

And to incorporate vertical integration in construction, another production plant from Germany has been set up to offer an unprecedented range of pre-cast equipment solutions for the production of pavement tiles, blocks and other concrete products. It will manufacture concrete based engineering material like ornamental bricks, 1st time pigmented concrete bricks solid & hollow, a complete new product for replacement of conventional bricks, caved & ornamental stone and of any concrete structural member, tiles, cladding material etc.

We have also launched a unique industrial venture namely Advanced EPS Technologies Ltd. that manufactures and markets Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) blocks/sheets. With a high tech. manufacturing plant from Italy, it has the ability to produce 200,000 cum with an extension up to maximum 600,000 cum of EPS blocks and then cut into sheets for using as building insulation, low cost housing, different uses in construction industry, packaging, cold storage, floating structures, transport industry and manifold uses which is made of different density for different application.

Adding up a vertical integration, it has set up a most modern EPS Sandwich panel making plant equipped with latest technology, manufacturing new type of multi-purpose construction material, the first of its kind in Bangladesh. It can produce min. 5.0 lac square meter of sandwich panel average per annum with different thickness and different density as required for using as insulated wall & roof panels scientifically and environmentally ideal for quickly built structures.

Advanced Group today has become a brand by dint of its reputation, credibility, commitment and at large because of the unanimous confidence of our clients in our product and quality. ADTL’s competitive advantages over our competitors in the trade are positional advantages both cost advantage and differentiation advantage.

Advanced Group is committed to its clients to give its best “For A Beautiful Tomorrow”

Engr. S.M. Anwar Hossain
Chairman & C.E.O.