Concrete blocks/Bricks has been produced for more than 70 years throughout the world, and it offers several significant advantages over other cement construction materials, one of the most important being its lower environmental impact.

  • Improved thermal efficiency reduces the heating and cooling load in buildings.
  • Non-porous structure allows for superior fire resistance.
  • Work ability allows accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid waste during use.
  • Resource efficiency gives it lower environmental impact in all phases of its life cycle, from processing of raw materials to the disposal of waste.
  • Larger size blocks leads to faster masonry work.
  • Reduces the cost of the project.


  • Environmentally Friendly: When used, it helps to reduce at least 30% of environmental waste as opposed to going with traditional concrete. There is a decrease of 50% of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy Saver: It is an excellent property that makes it an excellent insulator and that means the interior environment is easier to maintain. When it is used, there is usually not a need for any supplementary insulation.
  • Great Acoustics: When you think of concrete, you do not consider it to be excellent for acoustics; however concrete has excellent acoustic performance. It is able to be used as a very effective sound barrier.
  • Fire Resistant: Just like with regular concrete, our concrete block is fire resistant. This material is completely inorganic and not combustible.
  • Great Ventilation: This will reduce the humidity within the building. Advanced concrete block will not absorb moisture and release humidity; this helps to prevent condensation and other problems.
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  • Accuracy: The panels and blocks made of concrete blocks/Bricks are produced to the exact sizes needed before they even leave the factory. There is less need for on-site trimming. Since the blocks and panels fit so well together, there is a reduced use of finishing materials such as mortar.
  • Long Lasting: The life of this material is extended because it is not affected by harsh climates or extreme changes in weather conditions. It will not degrade under normal climate changes either.