Advanced EPS Technologies Ltd.

Advanced EPS Technologies Ltd is a sister concern of Advanced Group. It’s a new dynamic company based into Bangladesh that manufactures Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for construction and packaging industry for the first time in the Bangladesh foam industry. The company formed in the year of 2007. It is the third biggest sister concern of Advanced Group and First ever EPS manufacturer of Bangladesh.


By having the technologies from Holland and machineries from the pioneer EPS manufacturing company Hirsch, Italy, the company is able to produce high quality EPS blocks. Among the machines, our company currently has Pre-expender of various densities, Block molding machine for making the desired strength blocks and also electronic cutting machines in order to cut the EPS sheets according to the preferred size and thickness. The raw materials commonly known as “Styropor” are coming from BASF, Malaysia and from Ming Dih, Tiwan.

EPS is an excellent material to use as insulation for apartment and all kind of buildings. The insulation reserves the temperature conditions, keeps the moisture outside and reduces the energy costs. So, the panels made of EPS, will save a lot of heat transfer of the residential house/factory buildings due to its high R-value. EPS has a R-value of 4-5 ft2•°F•h/(BTU•in) whereas, Bricks has only 0.42 ft2•°F•h/(BTU•in) and concrete having 0.67 ft2•°F•h/(BTU•in).


With a new production facility, we have the possibility to produce 200,000 m3 with an extension to maximum 600,000 m3 of EPS blocks and more than 10,00,000 pcs of fish boxes and consumer electronic products per year. The factory is located in the place Bhaber char and has an area of 4500m2.